The Salt Edge


the moon for the sun beach bums for an english sea the wait for a month for living out every beat you got me on your side I don't know how you do it every ambulance ride / always on my mind oh what you do to me under the surf I think we lost the boat above l'archive du coeur turn it off or turn it up
following the bees running from the wolves counting every heartbeat guessing every move she is all I need now never had a plan found her in honey only lovers understand we took some time to leave our books behind can't ever take / get enough when you're falling in love I won't compose a half smile going to leave this school in style carried on the thames tide going to leave this school behind
walking out of the picture playing our losing hands you are the point I revolve around walking out of the picture past portraits and plans you are the point I revolve around // draining all the thames drowning the kilns out pouring down like sliver drying up gold in drought
1st to Dream 04:10
walk with me to waste the time we'll never learn to say goodbye we'll never turn to history take my name we'll jump the train to leave still bound for glory still lighting out for the streets wake up in another life halfway to the end of the night my friends they pick me up drag me on and they bring me luck we've come up together and we're never coming down we'll meet again far from the crowds with our heads in the clouds and with blind belief in all the words that we heard that we learned to read still bound for glory still lighting out for the streets
Falling In 2 03:30
please don't think I'm easy I need sunshine I need snow another shadow on the ceiling just wrap me up and I'll follow tonight you've got me falling in 2 for you and you please don't think it over or look for guidance from above leave the ghost stood at your shoulder behind we're one and one and one tonight you've got me falling in 2 (got me falling in 2) (got me falling for you)
Salt Edge 03:19
our ghosts and ghosts to be stretched out on the beach from coast to coast the sea washes our bodies clean bed the floor close and bind stripped down from today with peacetime promises signed to face the light and face the shade you face the light I face the shade under the moon over the waves where days taste sweet as nights where our friends dry us from the rain where waste land meets waste sky where anywhere is home again (you face the light) fill your head clear your mind send our sons away (I face the shade) the sea's a river wide under the moon over the waves you face the light wild, cross the wild on our desire
Three Lives 01:54
a time frame a country song a heartache a life longing for a run through under the lights too soon today and too late tonight
if we started something do you think they'd understand would we say it's nothing would we say we're only friends (if we started something) if we started something do you think they'd ask us why we had to fall so hard why we couldn't compromise (if we started something) we'll wait until they're gone before we say goodbye (if we started something) we'll wait til we're alone before we say goodnight no timing is perfect and it's more than I deserve that you'd love me through my faults if I risked all that we've got still my heart beats faster and there's nothing more I could ask for there's a life time to go guess we'll wait through sun, rain and snow if we started something
caught out caught between you now until then in coward's comfort sheltered with my friends what to think what to do just to talk to you again somewhere, hope I'll meet you there half a story told half open to anything to luck, good and bad and all they bring half a story told enough to hook me in caught out caught between tonight and today rhythms rise as we're carved from clay every form every hollow every knot that you've known you took a land, shaped the rocks in your hands


released November 15, 2019

Written, Produced & Performed by The High Wire

Recorded by The High Wire, Julian Simmons, Dan Green, Rik Simpson, Aleks von Korff, Bill Rahko and Anthony De Souza

Mixed by Julian Simmons
Except "Pottery Street" mixed by Aleks von Korff and Julian Simmons

All Strings arranged, performed and recorded by Davide Rossi
Additional Backing Vocals by Nicky Brown & Danielle Mahailet

Recorded @ The Beehive and D@V in North London and Woodshed Recording in L.A.

Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering


all rights reserved




Anglo-Canadian duo based in London.

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Licensing - Carter Smith -

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